Installation 'Almost Natural' at 'Fabriek', Eindhoven, NL

Realisation & Presentation 'Almost Natural'

... projections & reflections ...

Almost Natural’ is a multimedia installation based upon the idea of ’natural’ and ‘unnatural' as contradicting terms and is built upon the notion that these aspects no longer exist as separated concepts within today’s reality. Yet they are not perceived or visibly perceivable as such. The work reflects on the process of (artistic) creation, touching the field of identification, interpretation and valuation. Within the site specific context ‘Almost Natural’ interacts with its location and historical background as an industrial place. Space as a place for action… Space as a body of sound…
Presentation took place in July 2018, after short experimental work period at experimental art space 'De Fabriek' in Eindhoven. De Fabriek


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